Hot and Sizzling Specialty Dishes

After more than 20 years of offering delectable Mexican cuisine to the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, we've created quite an impressive list of house specialty dishes. People come from far and wide for a taste of our amazing shrimp Cozumel, wrapped in bacon, skewered and mesquite charbroiled. Or our sumptuous and unique steak divorciado, where we expertly charbroil a delicious 16 oz. steak, cut it in half; cover one side with perfectly spicy and smoky chipotle sauce, and the other in scintillating poblano sauce. Your senses will reel, and you'll be back for more!
Beef Fajitas - Mexican Food in Dallas, TX

Sizzlin' Specialties

Served on a sizzling plate with grilled onions & peppers, shredded cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, rice & charro bean soup. Add sour cream .50
1. Cabrito Al Pastor
A Mexican delicacy, mesquite roasted young goat.
Available Saturday & Sunday ALL DAY
Available Monday-Friday after 5pm

2. Shrimp & Veggies
Gulf shrimp, seasoned. mesquite charbroiled & served with sautéed veggies.
3. Mar Y Tierra
Mesquite charbroiled chicken breast topped with melted jack cheese & (4) shrimp cozumel. Served over a bed of sautéed veggies.
4. Pollo Con Hongos
Charbroiled chicken breast basted with adobo chile sauce & smothered with sautéed mushrooms.
5. Beef Fajitas
Beef skirt steak, marinated & mesquite charbroiled.
6. Pork Fajitas
Pork tenderloin, marinated with mild peppers & spices, mesquite charbroiled & basted with adobo sauce.
7. Chicken Fajitas
Chicken breast, marinated & mesquite charbroiled.
8. Fajita Combinada
Create a combo with your choice of chicken, beef or pork.
9. Fajitas for 2
Your choice of chicken, beef or pork.
10. Fajita Blast
Beef, chicken, pork & shrimp fajitas. Mesquite charbroiled & served on a sizzling platter.
Serves (4) 57.99
Additional person 13.79
11. Ultimate Parrillada
Create your own parrillada specialty, served on a habachi.
Choose 2:
Shrimp - Chicken Fajita
Cabrito - Beef Fajita
Carnitas - Pork Fajita

Serves (2) 32.99

Especialidades de la Casa

Served with your choice of tortilla soup or guacamole
12. Pescado A La Plancha
A tilapia filet lightly breaded & pan grilled covered with jack cheese & your choice of paisano or creamy spinach sauce.
13. Camaron Juarez
4 large shrimp stuffed with jack cheese & bacon bits, battered & deep fried. Served with Spanish rice, refried beans, tartar sauce & pico de gallo.
14. Camaron A La Crema
Sautéed shrimp served on a bed of veggie rice & topped with creamy spinach sauce. Served with sautéed veggies.
15. Shrimp Cozumel
Gulf shrimp, jack cheese and jalapeño peppers wrapped with bacon, skewered & mesquite broiled. Served with veggie rice, charro bean soup & herb butter.
16. Carne Asada
12 oz. steak, lightly marinated & mesquite charbroiled. Served with Spanish rice, refried beans, pico de gallo & avocado slices.
17. Steak Tempiqueno
8 oz. steak, mesquite charbroiled & topped with poblano sauce & jack cheese. Served with a cheese and onion enchilada, Spanish rice & refried beans.
18. Steak & Camarones
8 oz. steak, mesquite charbroiled & smothered with jack cheese & your choice of chipotle or poblano sauce. Served with (4) cozumel shrimp over a bed of veggie rice with charro bean soup.
19. Camaron Al Chipotle
Sautéed shrimp, served with chipotle sauce, veggie rice & sautéed veggies.
20. Pollo Loma Linda
Seasoned chicken breast, mesquite roasted & topped with a creamy spinach sauce & served with veggie rice & sautéed veggies.
21. Chicken Tampico
Seasoned chicken breast, mesquite roasted & smothered with poblano sauce & jack cheese. Served with Spanish rice & sautéed veggies.
22. Tacos Al Carbon
3 flour tortillas filled with your choice of grilled chicken or beef fajita strips. Served with cheese sauce, pico de gallo, rice & beans.
23. Carnitas
Tender chunks of pork, cooked for hours with our special spices. Served with Spanish rice, refried beans, guacamole & pico de gallo.
24. Guiso De Res
Beef tips simmered in spicy gravy, made from chipotle peppers, tomatoes, onions & peppers. Served with Spanish rice and refried beans.