A Tradition of Taste

Nobody does authentic Mexican cuisine like Mercado Juarez Cafe! Traditional flautas, chimichangas, enchiladas and burritos are just a few of our mouthwatering menu mainstays. Our savory chili relleno will have you thinking you've died and gone to Tijuana! Be sure to check out our entire menu of traditional hot Mexican dishes, soups and desserts. Bring your friends and family—our generous portions and affordable prices will have everyone saying, "Fiesta!"
Beef Burritos - Mexican Food in Dallas, TX

Traditional Style

Served with rice, beans & your choice of tortilla soup or guacamole.
26. Flauta Plate
Your choice of 3 beef or chicken served with guacamole & sour cream.
27. Chimichangas
Served with guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo.
(A) Shredded Beef with chili beef sauce.
(B) Shredded Chicken with cheese sauce.
28. Chile Relleno
A poblano pepper, egg battered, fried & stuffed with your choice of
(A) Cheese with ranchero sauce.
(B) Ground Beef with ranchero sauce.
(C) Shredded Chicken with cheese sauce.
(D) Fajita Beef or Chicken with cheese sauce.
(A) 12.25
(B) 12.25
(C) 12.25
(D) 13.25
29. Beef Enchiladas (2)
Ground beef enchiladas with chili beef sauce.
30. Chicken Enchiladas (2)
(A) Suizas with sour cream sauce & jack cheese.
(B) Verdes with green tomatillo sauce & Swiss cheese.

31. Spinach Enchiladas (2)
Spinach mushroom & jack cheese enchiladas topped with a creamy spinach sauce.
32. Cheese Enchiladas (2)
(A) Cheddar Cheese with cheese sauce.
(B) Jack Cheese & Onions with chili beef sauce.

33. Burritos
Served with guacamole & pico de gallo.
(A) Cheesesteak Steak cuts, onions, mushrooms & bell peppers, wrapped in a flour tortilla. topped with cheddar & jack cheese.
(B) Traditional Ground Beef, beans & cheese.
(C) Chicken Shredded chicken & cheese.
34. Taco Plate
(A) Your choice of 2 crispy ground beef or shredded chicken tacos served with rice & beans.
(B) 2 Soft fish tacos served with a creamy chipotle sauce, veggie rice & charro beans.

(A) 10.99
(B) 11.75
35. Juarez Special
1 beef enchilada & 1 cheese & onion enchilada covered in chili beef sauce, 1 chicken enchilada with sour cream sauce & 1 crispy beef taco.
36. Durango Plate
1 pork tamale & 1 beef enchilada covered in chili beef sauce with 1 chicken taco.
37. Tamales
2 handmade pork tamales with chili beef sauce on the side. Served with rice & beans.